Working in partnership with the community, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service and product to the consumers and lifestyle memberships  of Leatherocity, Inc.  As a retail establishment, our vision is to provide diversity for our community and enhance the educational opportunities of our customers through effective community awareness and superior customer service.

Leatherocity  is committed to providing an affordable venue for everyone. Through progressive life training, proactive enforcement, and ethical conduct, our company provides and maintains the delivery of quality services. The involvement of the community is important to the success of our efforts. We value the community in which we operate our business  and we are always available for input and information from the community.

We respect life and liberty and are sensitive to the needs and concerns of the community, treating everyone with respect, compassion and dignity.

We take pride in our Company. We are committed to excellence in our profession, and maintain the highest standards of training, education, and discipline in our field.

We are guided by the principles of justice and honesty. We employ the highest ethical standards; we demand of ourselves accountability, consistency, fairness to the community, and truthfulness in the pursuit of our mission.

Our mission statement